Stay awake: Welcome to EuroCIS 2018!

Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

As the 21st century gets into gear, people everywhere are experiencing what is now recognised as the fourth industrial revolution. Digitalisation in particular is having a huge impact on us all, touching every aspect of our daily lives.
Technology never sleeps – and each day brings new advances. Because we humans are curious, creative, and inventive.
Technology is also revolutionising every area of retail, with increasingly short innovation  cycles. And it plays a crucial role in communication with customers, too.
The sheer dynamic of these developments makes EuroCIS a must for exhibitors and visitors alike.
Once a year, every year.
Photo: Trade fair impression EuroCIS 2016
Photo: Productdetail EuroCIS 2016
Photo: Product detail EuroCIS 2016
Photo: Fair impressions EuroCIS 2016

Stay wide awake!

Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.

Whether the exhibitors and visitors of EuroCIS 2018 know this David Bowie quote or not, they put it into practice in their day-to-day working life. They know that: EuroCIS has become the leading trade fair for retail technology within a century because

  • no other trade fair is as up-to-the-minute in showcasing the dynamic technological developments in retail
  • no other trade fair presents such a comprehensive view of IT for retail in all its forms and functions.

This is why EuroCIS has been growing exponentially for years. So be there when EuroCIS 2018 takes its next step into the future. Your future.

EuroCIS: Growth, Growth, Growth.

Exhibitors, visitors, space - the three most important indicators of success always show that EuroCIS is on the up, and this was particularly the case in 2013, 2015 and 2016. A sign of technology’s rapidly increasing relevance in retail. Proof of EuroCIS’s effectiveness as a business platform.

More exhibitors: Over 33% more visitors in 2016 as compared to the previous year!

More space: Scaling up to 1,600 m2 and 1,700 m2!

More professional visitors: An increase of 18% in 2016 in comparison to the previous year!

Final press release EuroCIS 2016

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“What sounds like a fairy tale today, may be tomorrow’s reality.” This phrase from a German science-fiction series perfectly encapsulates the dynamic pace of technological change in retailing. Read the latest news from the industry.
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Retail Technology News

Vantiv's triPOS Mobile named winner of 11th Annual Pay Award
Paybefore has selected Vantiv's triPOS Mobile for the best M-POS Solution category at its 11th annual Pay Awards competition.
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IAB clarifies processes for automated digital advertising
Intention is to improve communication and understanding among buyers, sellers & technology vendors.
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Global market study on gift cards
Introduction of lottery retail gift cards is the newest trend in the North America gift card market.
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Supermarket home delivery efficiency increased by 10 per cent
Delivery services by supermarket chains are on the fast track, with retail customers readily taking advantage of the option to have their everyday grocery needs delivered to their home within a defined time slot. For the chain stores, online retail activities involve a vast effort in terms of logistics, with much to lose, but also much to gain.
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Electricals retailer named Best UK Retailer, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer dominated proceedings at GlobalData’s 2017 Customer Satisfaction Awards, held on 27 April at The Royal Horseguards Hotel, London.
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Report on omni-channel retail market
The report titled "Global Omni-channel Retail Market: Size, Trends & Forecasts (2017-2021)", provides an in-depth analysis of the global addressable omni-channel retail market by value. The report also gives an insight of the global omni-channel retail market by products, and by region, etc.
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UK retail customer experience failing to improve
Despite 93 percent of consumers revealing they are more likely to buy if they receive a positive customer experience, UK retailers are struggling to deliver adequate, consistent service new research suggests. Companies were unable to answer 46 percent of customer queries received on email, the web, Twitter and Facebook, with only 7.5 percent responding on all four channels.
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Buying Bitcoin a lot easier with credit cards
Users on the leading digital and cryptocurrency exchange platform Paybis can now buy Bitcoin instantly with their credit card. The new feature makes Paybis one among the few platforms that offer such an option.
Read more acquires Zen Shopping
Up-and-coming German startup announced the acquisition of Zen Shopping. uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to give users a smart browser extension that provides one universal cart to checkout everywhere, without registration or login, with just one click.
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New quantum gadget could make contactless payment more secure
A prototype gadget that sends secret keys to encrypt information passed from a mobile device to a payment terminal, could help to answer public concerns around the security of contactless and wireless transactions, a new Oxford University collaboration has found.
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