3 questions to … Anna Goudinoudis, Yapital


EuroCIS 2015 already marked the second time, the mobile payment experts of Yapital were exhibitors at the trade fair. During the trade show, EuroCIS.com spoke with PR & Communications Manager Anna Goudinoudis about the current developments in the mobile payment market and the course of the EuroCIS 2015.

Photo:Anna Goudinoudis; copyright: beta-web/Stöter

Anna Goudinoudis; © beta-web/Stöter

Ms. Goudinoudis, what developments are you currently observing in the mobile payment market?

We currently notice that due to the market entry of big names such as Apple or Samsung, mobile payment is also becoming more popular and a focus with consumers. This is also why we continue to have a positive outlook for the future and believe mobile payment will prevail with consumers in the long run.

How significant is the EuroCIS as a trade fair for your company?

The EuroCIS is clearly one of the most important trade fairs of the year for us. We meet many of our cooperation partners here and are also able to initiate new cooperations. A large number of the retail service providers that exhibit at the EuroCIS also draw many retail representatives to Düsseldorf. This is why the EuroCIS is the ideal venue for us to cultivate and expand our partner networks.

How satisfied are you with the trade fair this year?

In 2013, Yapital was already an on-site visitor at the trade fair. Even back then, we already noticed that the EuroCIS is a great fit for our company. Last year’s EuroShop where we were an exhibitor for the first time was extremely successful. We are also very pleased to be here this year. Once again, the interest shown during all three trade fair days was huge and we were able to add many new important contacts.

We always like to take an active part with presentations during the various expert forums here at the trade fair. They help us to generate attention and attract new customers to our booth. Overall, we are once again very satisfied with the EuroCIS and look forward to being an exhibitor again next year in Düsseldorf.

Interview by Daniel Stöter, EuroCIS-tradefair.com