3 questions to … Christoph Brem, Inventorum GmbH


Opening a web shop with a mouse click? The solutions by the Inventorum Company are meant to make this possible with an iPad POS system that connects all channels. In this interview at EuroCIS.com, founder and CEO Christoph Brem explains the benefits for retailers.

Photo: Christoph Brem; copyright: MaxThrelfall

Christoph Brem; © MaxThrelfall

What are the benefits for retailers, who use your iPad POS system?

Consumers shop at the store, on web shops, order via smartphone and expect the same shopping experience regardless of where they shop. The key to connecting these channels is Inventorum. Our iPad POS system provides everything retailers need to keep track of every distribution channel anytime and anywhere: a modern checkout, inventory management system, customer relationship management as well as accounting and reports, however the tax consultant needs them – already GDPdU compliant today.

What’s more, you can open your own web shop with a mouse click without requiring any prior knowledge. Inventorum is not complicated, but an easy to use iPad app. We get the retail industry ready for the future without generating additional expenses or work. On the contrary: Inventorum solutions give retailers more time to take care of the really important things, like their customers for example.

How does the system connect to the web shop?

Right now, approximately 50 percent of customers get informed on the Internet before they go shopping. Consumers expect that available products can also be viewed online. Inventorum makes it possible to open your own web shop with a mouse click – which by now also serves as the all-important “online shop window“. Customers no longer just get their information through shop windows in shopping malls or through classic advertising; they surf on the Internet to find information, which is why retailers also need to present their product selections on this channel.

2015 marks the year you present at EuroCIS for the first time. Why did you choose this presentation platform?

We expect a lot from our trade fair performance. EuroCIS is the trade fair that prepares retailers for the future with solutions that connect brick- and- mortar retailing and the possibilities of the Internet. At Inventorum, we work on those solutions that help brick– and–mortar retailers to succeed and use the benefits of the “new world of retail” for their own business. We make it possible for brick-and-mortar retailing to prevail and operate online. Given the changed demands on daily business, Inventorum is the tool that assists retailers in their day-to-day affairs.

Interview: Natascha Mörs, EuroCIS-tradefair.com