3 questions to … Dion Broeken, Displaydata


Brick-and-mortar retailers need an option for dynamic pricing to keep up with the online competition. They increasingly rely on electronic shelf labels that can be centrally managed. Dion Broeken, Director Sales EMEA for Displaydata, knows about the current market developments.

Photo: Dion Broeken; copyright: beta-web/Stöter

Dion Broeken; © beta-web/Stöter

Mr. Broeken, what are the current trends in electronic shelf labels?

The use of electronic shelf labels is rapidly increasing in retail. This is primarily because retail is shaped more and more by multichannel commerce. Brick-and-mortar retailers want and have to ensure that sales campaigns in their stores are able to keep up with the pace of online promotions.

That’s why more than 53 percent of retailers would like to change their retail prices in real-time or at least on a daily basis. There is still big growth potential for electronic shelf labels, particularly in the so-called DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region.

What new products did you showcase at the EuroCIS 2015?

At EuroCIS 2015, we introduced –among others- the first electronic shelf label system in the world with an integrated BLE beacon. It can be managed by using the same software as the electronic labels, which significantly simplifies handling, of course. With this solution, retailers are able to send their customers personalized sales and product information directly to their mobile devices for instance – or implement various geolocation shopping apps.

We also showcased the next generation of our electronic shelf labels featuring a tricolor display for the first time so that retailers can also alert customers to special sales directly at the shelf in red and yellow primary colors.

What has been your experience so far at the EuroCIS?

We are already one of the leading providers of electronic shelf labels in our domestic market in Great Britain. Presently we are focusing more strongly on expanding our presence in the German-speaking DACH realm.

As the leading trade fair for retail technology in the German-speaking region, EuroCIS is truly an essential tool for this. Here we are able to meet all of the major cooperation partners and potential customers in the area and introduce them to our solutions.

We have already had an excellent experience at EuroCIS 2013 and of course at last year‘s EuroShop, which is why we joined as exhibitors for the third time this year.

Interview: Daniel Stöter, EuroCIS-tradefair.com