3 questions to … Frank Grunow, Symphony EYC


To be successful in multichannel commerce, retailers need to get to know their customers better than ever before. Only if you truly know your customers and the channels they prefer, can you present each customer with a corresponding suitable offer. In this interview, Frank Grunow, who recently joined the management of Symphony EYC and is in charge of Sales, Services and Partnering, explains how current software solutions can help in this case.

Photo: Frank Grunow; copyright: Symphony EYC

Frank Grunow; © Symphony EYC

Mr. Grunow, what opportunities do retailers have today to obtain additional information about their customers?

Cross-linked data is essential in the new world of retail. Cross-linking means combining any type of product information with customer information, so that the customer and his/her needs take center stage. This is specific, real-time and cross-linked data. Retailers generate it from sales, online transactions, customer retention campaigns, social networks, but also from external sources such as meteorological and economic data.

When data is combined with product information, retailers know what their consumers would like to purchase when and through which channels and are able to optimize their supply chain accordingly. Groupe Casino in France is a perfect example of how this works.

How can retailers best utilize this acquired information and what technical solutions do they need to do this?

Effective cross-linking of data sounds more extensive than it really is. With the Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. software platform, we have created one unified and flexible solution that can be customized to your individual needs and is easy to implement thanks to its modular design.

Retailers connect with their customers in person at the POS and increase the visibility and redemption rates of advertising. This creates increased efficiency in the stores and improves the customer experience, since all omnichannel functionality is combined in one software platform.

This marks the first year for Symphony EYC being an exhibitor at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf. What can trade visitors expect at your booth?

This is the first time we are represented as Symphony EYC at EuroCIS. However, we have already been in Düsseldorf in 2012 under the name aldata. With 25 years under our belt as a company, we are experienced retail veterans. Backed by this experience, we provide retailers with tools to face the challenges of the new world of retail.

EuroCIS visitors can experience this first hand in Hall 10, Booth 22. Our experts, first and foremost Donal Mac Daid, are going to turn our innovative software solutions into an adventure using exciting case studies taken from national and international retailing, such as denn‘s Biomärkte or REMA 1000. Simply drop by and get inspired!

Interview: Daniel Stöter, EuroCIS-tradefair.com