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A frequent issue in implementing multichannel commerce in the real world lies in meaningful master data preparation for the end user. Customers greatly appreciate finding current and applicable information about the retailer’s products anywhere they can. Holm Löwe, Managing Partner at SoftPoint GmbH, explains how retailers can achieve an accurate picture of the stock situation in real time.

Photo: Holm Löwe; copyright:  SoftPoint GmbH

Holm Löwe; © SoftPoint GmbH

Mr. Löwe, on the one hand, the requirements for software applications in multichannel retailing are becoming ever more comprehensive, while they are also becoming more specific. What spectrum are you able to cover with your solutions in retail?

SoftPoint understands multichannel retail to be the meaningful and comprehensive integration of e-commerce/online retail into brick and mortar retail. All chain-oriented businesses and all forms of corporate mergers (corporate associations/ buying syndicates/franchises) need to rise to this challenge as quickly as possible.

The main problems are in the article master data prepared for the end user (comprehensive product information management is a prerequisite) and in the information quality from the ERP systems of the affiliated outlets. Only correct information satisfies the consumer inquiries and turns him or her into a regular satisfied customer.

Our mature and sound solutions bridge all sorts of different divides and ensure the seamless information exchange in the typically heterogeneous retail world.

Ideally, it should be reproducible how the retailer combines online and offline retail and provides the consumer with an added benefit. How can SoftPoint support the target groups?

On the retail side, the combination of online and offline should always be geared towards the location/outlet – this is what the end user expects!

This is why the SoftPoint portfolio also includes all modules that ensure this goal on the retail side. This begins with master data management, ranges from real time communication with the local ERP systems and also contains automated reorder point systems to communicate with headquarters or industry partners for drop shipments.

The end consumer expects the stock situation to be displayed in real time at the location of his or her choice. He wants to find a message with all of the helpful information about pick-up choices for his special order. And if desired, he would naturally like to be informed about interesting events that are happening in his outlet in the next few days.

You will introduce your solutions at EuroCIS 2015. Whom are you addressing with your presentation?

SoftPoint products are aimed at buying syndicates and corporate associations as well as franchises and chain stores. Visit our 3 Short Presentations in the Multichannel Forum or our Booth (Hall 9, F57-5) – it’s worth it!

Interview: Natascha Mörs, EuroCIS-tradefair.com