3 questions to … Jørgen Christian Juul, Wallmob


The increased multichannel competition and the changes in buying behavior make it necessary to rethink the conventional Point of Sale. Jørgen Christian Juul, Co-Founder of Wallmob, talks about how a comprehensive POS platform can help to optimize sales and what he expects from exhibiting in the new Multichannel Area at EuroCIS 2015.

Photo: Jørgen Christian Juul; copyright: Wallmob

Jørgen Christian Juul; © Wallmob

Mr. Juul, Wallmob offers a wide range of omnichannel solutions. What is your main focus?

Wallmob’s mission is the integration of brick-and-mortar retail stores with e-commerce to provide a seamless customer experience while improving the retailer’s bottom line, all anchored in our proprietary POS software powering the iPad-based Point of Sale. Our product range, encompassing iPad POS, mPOS, Customer-Centric App, Self-Service POS and B2B POS, can serve all retailer needs.

When a client requires a special setup, for example not utilizing the full capability of Wallmob’s POS, we are flexible in delivering on those needs. For example, a client may already own a POS, yet wish to add an mPOS on top of the existing solution.

Which are in your opinion the most essential things that retailers have to consider when connecting their brick-and-mortar shop and their web shop?

Importantly, the infrastructure and organization must be geared towards it. It is of vital importance to start with a pilot and expand on the basis of those learnings.

As a participant of the new Multichannel Area at EuroCIS 2015 you will present your solutions for retailers. What do you expect from this kind of presentation?

In the wake of our presentation, we are looking forward to multiple rewarding conversation with retailers, allowing us to learn even more about the challenges they face and, in turn, sharing our insights with them regarding how we can help – projecting the ever-important ROI.

Interview: Natascha Mörs, EuroCIS-tradefair.com