3 questions to … Ralf Gladis, Computop GmbH


These days a cross-channel shopping experience is more important than ever. This also applies to the payment method selection. Fraud prevention is another critical success factor for conversion rates and sales. Ralf Gladis, Managing Director of Computop GmbH, explains how omnichannel payment solutions are becoming secure and convenient.

Photo: Ralf Gladis; copyright: Computop GmbH

Ralf Gladis is Managing Director of Computop GmbH; ©: Computop GmbH

Mr. Gladis, why is it so important for retailers today to offer customers a cross-channel shopping experience?

The shopping experience is crucial for the retailer’s brand. All distribution channels have to support the brand image because today’s consumer approaches shopping based on the situation: customers use their smartphone on the subway, the PC during their lunch break and the tablet at night on the couch. Or they shop when they stroll downtown. Retailers have to meet the expectations of their patrons in every situation and across all channels to win customers and inspire their loyalty.

What role does the payment process itself play in all this?

Every customer has expectations of the payment process. Some customers prefer to use their credit card at the store, while others prefer to pay with debit cards or direct debit. Many tourists prefer to pay in their own currency. Customers are only satisfied if they have a choice. This is even more important online: if there are not enough payment method options, it is almost certain that consumers will cancel their order. One customer prefers PayPal, while another prefers to use credit cards and yet another likes giropay or pay on account. Those retailers who don’t meet expectations are punished with order cancellations.

Another success factor for conversion and sales: omnichannel fraud prevention must identify returning customers across all channels and make shopping easier. Things should only be difficult for fraudsters.

Visitors of EuroShop 2017 can find out at your booth how brick-and-mortar retail can benefit from eCommerce technologies. What solutions will you present?

Computop will introduce omnichannel payment solutions and digital shopping processes with self-scanning apps. Security is also highlighted: We present POS and mPOS terminals by CCV, PAX, and Verifone, which use a highly secure and certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) by Computop. The terminals are easy to integrate into the checkout, while the PCI P2PE encryption standard doesn’t just protect retailers from data theft. It also protects customer data, while retailers save the cost of PCI security audits. At Computop, omnichannel payments are secure and convenient.

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroCIS-tradefair.com