3 questions to … Ulrich Wirtz, Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH


Hardly any industry sector today is as under pressure as the retail industry. If it wants to achieve sustainable customer loyalty and generate added value, the sector needs to understand consumer behavior and offer customers an attractive, secure shopping environment – with offers that address the individual customer expectations. Ulrich Wirtz, Sales Director at Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH, talks about trends, developments, and technologies.

Photo: Ulrich Wirtz; copyright: Novatec

Ulrich Wirtz is Sales Director at Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH; ©: Novatec

What are the challenges facing the retail sector – today and tomorrow?

We are all aware of the continued international competition and it is not expected to let up any time soon. The major challenge in the 21st century is the new consumer behavior: customers use the multiple sales channels interchangeably – and choose the ones that suit them best of course. Shoplifting reaches a whole new dimension: we are increasingly dealing with organized crime today. That is why we need retail concepts that optimize store-specific processes and protect against retail shrinkage at the same time.

As a retail specialist and system integrator with many years of retail expertise, what solutions does Novatec provide to assist companies in mastering these challenges?

It is imperative to reflect and address the trends I just mentioned in integrated security and retail solutions – together with renowned partners, which we choose extremely carefully as a system integrator. We don’t deliver point solutions but rather comprehensive consulting services that ultimately result in one concept – ranging from RFID security tags to electronic article surveillance all the way to video surveillance and customer flow analysis. We also protect our customers from professional shoplifting – using a scalable and data compliant approach.

How do the solutions you present at EuroShop 2017 contribute to more security, efficiency, and profitability?

Our goal is to support retailers in terms of security and efficiency with modern technologies and services along the entire value chain. Synergy effects of an integrative concept are especially interesting to customers. Take the example of video analysis: not only can network cameras be utilized for surveillance purposes but along with solutions such as TrueViewPeople Counter™ also be used in customer flow analysis. This lets retailers optimize their staff deployment and create a better shopping experience: marketing campaigns can be specifically adapted to customer preferences; annoying checkout lines are reduced, while it gives retailers an increasing edge over online competitors through customer service. That’s why security and surveillance technology no longer needs to be a cost driver in today’s world; on the contrary: not only does it prevent retail shrinkage but also delivers more sales and greater results.

Interview: Melanie Günther; EuroCIS-tradefair.com