3 questions to ... Volker Dieckmann, Superdata


Whether order processing, order management or warehouse management - with merchandise management systems all essential retail processes are running smoothly. Mobile solutions are becoming increasingly important and are replacing computers and laptops from retailer’s everyday life. Volker Dieckmann from Superdata explains in the interview what benefits they provide for retailers.

Photo: Volker Dieckmann; copyright: Superdata

Volker Dieckmann, Director of Sales and Marketing at Superdata; © Superdata

Mr. Dieckmann, how does merchandise management currently develop in the retail sector?

Retailers are at high pressure to improve their efficiency in order to stay competitive within retail consolidation, new online competitors and increasing costs for rent, energy and wages.

Smart mobile solutions deliver a valuable contribution providing a basis for real-time decisions. One of our focuses is on development of mobile solutions for merchandise management systems for retail companies.

What are the benefits of mobile solutions like tablets or smartphones?

Tablets and smartphones have become indispensable and replace increasingly computers and tablets in the office. The user has the choice to use various apps on one device without changing the platform or he can use one app on different devices.

Our mobile solutions offer all administrative and operative merchandise management functions. Workflow is designed efficiently and flexible and can be carried out in the office, on the floor or on the run. Complexity is reduced and the user does not need to deal with different technique or usability.

What innovations will you present to the visitors of EuroShop 2017?

At EuroShop 2017, Superdata will present its newest mobile solutions for merchandise management systems: Mobile App and Mobile Reporting. Mobile App offers all operative merchandise management functions and can be used with mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones and new generation PDT-devices. The application is fully integrated into the merchandise management solutions and contains operative functions such as ordering, price changes, incoming goods, stock-taking and labelling.

Superdata's Mobile Reporting offers all relevant reports and figures for immediate and effective control of the enterprise. Management benefits from easy and direct access to decision-relevant information at any time and in any place which are generated directly out of current data.

Interview: Melanie Günther, EuroCIS-tradefair.com