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Photo: Electronic Shel Label; copyright: ctillmann/Messe Düsseldorf

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Overview: Articles and interviews

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Photo: video cam observes customer frequenzy in a shopping center; copyright:

In-store tracking: customer buying behavior analysis ever more precise


At what times do guests visit the store and how do they behave? And how does this impact sales? Retailers have to address these issues to optimize the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. To do this, retailers have access to a wide range of technologies on the market that measure customer football and consumer behavior.
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Photo: Weber Original Store in Berlin; copyright: ppm gmbh

Weber Original Stores provide all customers with a personalized grilling experience


EuroShop has shown: the retail sector has become unimaginable without emotionalization and storytelling. More than ever before, the customer journey is like an adventure that appeals to all the different senses. Philipp Nottekämper from ppm planung + projekt management knows how to implement this perfectly. His team was in charge of the new design and concept of the Weber Original Stores.
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Photo: little boxes stick on a shop window; copyright: Feonic

A feast for the ears: in-store sound systems


Sales aids that stimulate the senses of customers are becoming more and more important. Visual marketing alone is no longer enough. Nothing should be left to chance, even when it comes to music. After all, a professional music concept doesn’t just improve the brand experience, it also increases the time customers spend in front of the shop window or in the store.
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Bild: paying mobile at the checkout; copyright:

Instant payment solutions offer great potential


Until recently, instant payment was a term only known to experts and also had many different types of definitions assigned to it. Ulrich Binnebößel, payment expert at The German Retail Federation (HDE), brings some order to this chaos and gives an overview.
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Photo: roller skates with ESL ; copyright: delfi

Electronic Shelf Labels: The right touch when it comes to price changes


There are many benefits of digital price tags for retailers, especially given the ever more sophisticated solutions. Yet consumer advocates are still skeptical – for fear of price fluctuations. But is this concern justified?
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Photo: social wall at s.Oliver Store in Bochum; copyright: iq! Studios

s.Oliver introduces digital signage store concept at the Ruhrpark Shopping Center in Bochum


Since the end of April, the s.Oliver Group has applied a digital signage concept in its store at the Ruhrpark Shopping Center in Bochum that emphasizes an innovative sales approach. Nine central locations in the store present digital touchpoints where s.Oliver inspires its customers with product communication and information about brand and service contents.
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Photo: Man is listening to music through his headphones; copyright: ltd

When music becomes a brand


The job of a DJ is to cater to the respective occasion, setting and audience and choose the right music. In the best case scenario, guests have a wonderful time and stay until the end. Great in-store music should accomplish the same objective. However, retailers often struggle to select the right music.
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Picture: Many Screens ; copyright: Bildagentur PantherMedia  / redpixel

Digital Signage at the POS: how virtual and real retail worlds merge


Digital signal systems are among the hotly debated topics in retail marketing. They provide attractive new opportunities for interaction with customers but also imply a holistic marketing concept as well as an integration of distribution channels.
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Graphic: face with numbers around it; copyright:

Retail replenishment and price optimization: Machine Learning solutions for retail


In the old days, it entailed gut-level decisions. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence and algorithms assist with replenishment and price optimization today. Dunja Riehemann, Director of Marketing at Blue Yonder, which collaborates with retailers such as Bonprix, Otto, dm, and Morrisons, explains why retailers can benefit from machine learning solution.
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Image: woman is paying with bitcoins; copyright:

Cryptocurrency on the rise


Digital money – also known as cryptocurrency – has finally made its way into the offline world. Since April, Japan officially recognizes online currencies as means of payment. Known as the “Bitcoin City”, the Dutch city of Arnheim widely accepts the alternative currency in its shops. Retail acceptance of digital money is also on the rise in Germany.
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