Chinese market: Holland at Home and Nutricia collaborate

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Dutch online supermarket Holland at Home has entered into an official cooperation agreement with Nutricia’s Early Life Nutrition (ELN) business unit, manufacturer of Nutrilon, Olvarit and Bambix.

Selling online to the Chinese consumer market since 2009 already, Holland at Home established itself ever since as the leading online direct seller of Dutch food products to China. This official cooperation fits the strategy of both companies.

“The partnership with Nutricia is an important step to further grow our business in China. Ever since we shipped our first order to China in 2009, we invested seriously in building our China business every year. By cooperating more closely with the market leader in baby food in The Netherlands, Nutricia, we are confident to satisfy the demand of our Chinese customers for high-quality Dutch baby food in a sustainable way. We are very pleased that we have concluded this important agreement with Nutricia.", so Chrystal van Goor den Oosterlingh, founder of Holland at Home.

Direct shipment to China

All orders are shipped directly from The Netherlands to the Chinese consumer via China’s leading express company SF Express, which takes over Holland at Home’s parcels after international customs clearance in Hangzhou. Chinese consumers don’t need to worry about customs delays or unexpected customs fees since all orders include the customs fees already and IT integration with China Customs guarantees smooth, “controlled” and compliant customs clearance. Average delivery time of Holland at Home’s parcels from the Dutch warehouse to the receiver in China is 6-8 working days.

Holland at Home’s founder and General Director, Chrystal van Goor den Oosterlingh, said “Through this direct cooperation with Nutricia we can take away any doubts Chinese consumers might have regarding the genuity of the products they purchased. Even though we enjoy and built up great trust in the Chinese market for many years, the many food scandals in recent years caused widespread distrust among many Chinese consumers.. Warranted by this direct purchase agreement our Chinese customers have the ultimate assurance that all Nutrilon, Bambix and Olvarit products are guaranteed authentic in market.”

Consumers in China can buy Nutricia’s products in the Nutricia brand zones on Holland at Home’s various online sales outlets: Holland at Home’s Chinese website, on WeChat social network shop Weidian and on Holland at Home’s three flagship stores on Tmall Global, JD Worldwide and Global Taobao.

“By working directly with Holland at Home, Nutricia wants to continue improving Nutrilon’s availability in shops in the Netherlands while at the same time meeting the high demand of Nutrilon in China. Thanks to the direct supply from Nutricia to Holland at Home all products of course have excellent expiration dates and therefore enjoy a long consumption period, which is important for orders originating in China for delivery into China. We are happy to add yet another reliable and transparent logistic chain into China, together with Holland at Home”, says Albertine Van Wolfswinkel, Corporate Affairs Director ELN Benelux.

Source: Holland at Home