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Photo: Christian Otto Grötsch, dotSource GmbH; copyright: dotSource

... Christian Otto Grötsch, dotSource GmbH


Usability is the magic word for every online shop. The customer only buys when all processes are intuitive, convenient and fast. Christian Otto Grötsch, founder and Managing Director of dotSource explains how this works shortly before EuroCIS 2018.
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Photo: Michael Unmüßig, SES-imagotag, copyright: KD Busch

... Michael Unmüßig, SES-imagotag


They are one of the main trends in the digitization of retail: electronic shelf labels (ESL). Michael Unmüßig, Managing Director at SES-Imagotag explains in our interview how they can improve the quality of shopping both for retailers as well as customers. We also learn about the first automatic shelf monitoring system in the store.
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Photo: Detlef Rohlender

... Detlef Rohlender, ITAB Germany


More and more food retailers take advantage of self-checkout systems (SCO). However, consumer acceptance depends heavily on the way the new checkout solution is introduced. Detlef Rohlender, Managing Director at ITAB Germany describes the most important aspects.
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Photo: Lutz Nungesser, copyright: METTLER TOLEDO

... Lutz Nungesser, METTLER TOLEDO


Web services for scale management quickly deliver new functions to the sales floor and clever scale management tools ensure a sustained reduction in total operating costs. Lutz Nungesser, Business Area Manager Retail Region Central Europe at METTLER TOLEDO explains how this works.
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Photo: Ralf Gladis, copyright: Computop GmbH

... Ralf Gladis, Computop GmbH


These days a cross-channel shopping experience is more important than ever. This also applies to the payment method selection. Fraud prevention is another critical success factor for conversion rates and sales. Ralf Gladis, Managing Director of Computop GmbH, explains how omnichannel payment solutions are becoming secure and convenient.
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Photo: Hiddo Hilboezen; copyright: Checkpoint Systems

... Hiddo Hilboezen, Checkpoint Systems


RFID solutions have so far been increasingly used in the fashion trade. The main objective here is to reduce losses due to retail shrinkage. But there is also great potential in the food retail industry, says Hiddo Hilboezen, Vice President of Sales for Merchandise Availability Solutions Germany / Benelux at Checkpoint Systems.
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Photo: Ulrich Wirtz, copyright: Novatec

... Ulrich Wirtz, Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH


Hardly any industry sector today is as under pressure as the retail industry. If it wants to achieve sustainable customer loyalty and generate added value, the sector needs to understand consumer behavior and offer customers an attractive, secure shopping environment. Ulrich Wirtz, from Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH, talks about trends, developments, and technologies.
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Photo: Tudor Andronic; copyright: Bizerba

Tudor Andronic, Bizerba


They are in every supermarket: scales. The more stores a retailer needs to coordinate, the harder it is for him or her to adapt to new standards and update functions. Tudor Andronic, Director Global Retail Solutions at Bizerba explains how apps for weighing systems can provide assistance.
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Photo: Volker Dieckmann; copyright: Superdata

... Volker Dieckmann, Superdata


Whether order processing, order management or warehouse management - with merchandise management systems all essential retail processes are running smoothly. Mobile solutions are becoming increasingly important and are replacing computers and laptops from retailer’s everyday life. Volker Dieckmann from Superdata explains in the interview what benefits they provide for retailers.
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Photo: Dr. Bernhardt Blüthner; copyright: SALT Solutions

...Dr. Bernhardt Blüthner, Salt Solutions


These days digital and personal services need to work hand in hand. This is also evident in intelligent dressing rooms as presented at the EuroCIS by Salt Solutions for example. Dr. Bernhardt Blüthner of SALT Solutions is excited to see the great interest of trade show visitors and looks ahead to EuroShop 2017.
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