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Unified Commerce: Mapping all processes in real time


Once it was multichannel, then omnichannel and now unified commerce. With new software options, all the functions of a customer journey are supposed to be apparently invisible and run from a single source. Jean-Marc Thienpont, Managing Director POS Solutions at Adyen explains in an interview why it is important to put oneself into the customer's perspective.
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More time for core business thanks to digital asset management


Marketing managers of international companies juggle a multitude of multimedia content on a daily basis. Content components like images, texts, and videos must be managed correctly and be available on demand. However, it’s a major challenge for companies to control these media assets.
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Retailers focus on personalization


Personalization, also called customization is a trending topic in retail for the year 2018. Retailers increasingly put customer demands center stage since consumers have come to expect a customized shopping experience both online and offline. But what does personalization mean exactly?
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Live video shopping: in-store personal shopping assistance for online customers


The Barbara Frères Boutique in Düsseldorf specializes in designer children’s fashion. To position itself in the omnichannel world, the fashion boutique doesn’t just offer an online store, a chat function and curated outfit packages available for online ordering. The store has also developed a consulting service using live video chat and in doing so, turned the boutique into a tech startup.
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Photo: Robots in a AutoStrore warehouse; copyright: Salt Solutions

Robots and automated processes are the future of warehouse logistics


When e-commerce retailers sell products every few seconds, it creates enormous challenges for their logistics processes. Sufficient qualified staff is currently not available to handle these tasks. This is why automated resources such as driverless systems, robots, and AutoStore logistic solutions are going to play an increasing role.
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"Just walk out": the invisible payment process


Retailers are constantly looking for solutions that make payments easier and more automated. According to a study by Juniper Research, that’s also why technologies like zero-click payment – also called “invisible payment“ – are capable of making a lasting impact on the retail industry in the coming years.
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Messenger apps and headset systems for speedy retail communication


Communication is everything. To be able to quickly pass on important information, large retailers increasingly rely on messenger apps or headset systems to communicate with their staff.
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Photo: Woman with a picking up a parcel in front of her home out of a parcel locker; copyright: ParcelLock GmbH

Parcel lockers: around the clock delivery service


A successful delivery significantly impacts how customers rate their shopping experience. That’s why new, flexible solutions along the entire supply chain are in great demand. This includes a universally accessible parcel locker system. Gunnar Anger from ParcelLock GmbH tells us about the system’s possibilities.
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Photo: city store concept in Flensburg (Germany), copyright: Dänisches Bettenlager

"Omnichannel is not a retail invention but a response to customer needs"


Dänisches Bettenlager continues to expand its city store concept. The company is currently testing a high-tech store in Flensburg. In this conversation with iXtenso, Jens Thomas reveals how the firm offers its complete portfolio of products even in the tiniest of spaces by using digital technologies.
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Photo: customer uses smartphone in a networked store, copyright: SOTI Inc.

The "connected" associate


A superficial observation of online growth rates can give the impression that e-commerce is continuing its triumphant march and stationary retail is driven back. However, industry experts know this view is too simplistic and a closer look is needed.
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