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Psychographic targeting: fostering a personalized online customer approach


Target audiences are generally identified by sociodemographic factors. Psychographics now broadens the previously applied segmentation and adds two dimensions: the personality and behavior of the consumer. The goal is to deliver targeted and personalized online advertising. That’s why the era of irrelevant banners and other ads might soon be over.
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It’s all about the right fabrics: an industry sector is entering the digital age


More than ever, today’s interior design industry has a tough time to attract customers to stores. In this interview, Sven-Hendrik Timmermann, Chief Digital Officer at JAB Josef Anstoetz KG, explains how the textile and fabric outfitter uses digital services to help both retail partners and end users to enter a new era of increased transparency and information.
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Artificial Intelligence: a real opportunity for brick-and-mortar retailers


Today’s retailers must come up with great ideas to keep up with their online competition. Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up brand-new opportunities in this area. Ralf Reich of Mindtree illustrates why AI is not just a great tool for Internet companies and describes which systems can already be used today.
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EuroCIS 2018 closes with outstanding results


A multitude of forward-looking innovations fuel retailers’ propensity to invest. Mobile solutions, self scanning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality determine the customer journey today. In this context, EuroCIS 2018 confirms its position as the Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology.
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“Inspirational, educational, aspirational!”


At EuroCIS 2018, we met with Ramesh Shingadia, director of Londis Southwater. We talked to him about the U.K. retail sector and his experience at this year’s EuroCIS.
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"Abundant, directional, informative!"


We met with James Lowman, chief executive of the Association of Convenience Stores, at EuroCIS 2018 and asked him about the U.K. retail sector and his experience at this year’s EuroCIS.
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Smart Devices and Augmented Reality: mobile data capture optimizes barcode scanning


The German drugstore chain dm recently equipped nearly 25,000 of its employees with smartphones at its stores. Instead of scanning each individual item, employees are now able to interact with an entire product group right at the shelf. The barcodes are processed in real-time. Relevant barcodes are highlighted on the smartphone display thanks to augmented reality.
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Omnichannel: Engbers Männermode rolls out a new concept


The men’s clothing store engbers has recently completed the test phase of a new omnichannel solution for its in-store point of sale systems. Now the rollout starts in all 320 stores throughout Germany and Austria. The implementation primarily focused on the user experience of the employees to strengthen and improve their interaction with the customers.
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Unified Commerce: Mapping all processes in real time


Once it was multichannel, then omnichannel and now unified commerce. With new software options, all the functions of a customer journey are supposed to be apparently invisible and run from a single source. Jean-Marc Thienpont, Managing Director POS Solutions at Adyen explains in an interview why it is important to put oneself into the customer's perspective.
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More time for core business thanks to digital asset management


Marketing managers of international companies juggle a multitude of multimedia content on a daily basis. Content components like images, texts, and videos must be managed correctly and be available on demand. However, it’s a major challenge for companies to control these media assets.
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