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Photo: Electronic Shel Label; copyright: ctillmann/Messe Düsseldorf

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Photo: city store concept in Flensburg (Germany), copyright: Dänisches Bettenlager

"Omnichannel is not a retail invention but a response to customer needs"


Dänisches Bettenlager continues to expand its city store concept. The company is currently testing a high-tech store in Flensburg. In this conversation with iXtenso, Jens Thomas reveals how the firm offers its complete portfolio of products even in the tiniest of spaces by using digital technologies.
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Photo: customer uses smartphone in a networked store, copyright: SOTI Inc.

The "connected" associate


A superficial observation of online growth rates can give the impression that e-commerce is continuing its triumphant march and stationary retail is driven back. However, industry experts know this view is too simplistic and a closer look is needed.
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Graphic shows blockchain principle, copyright:

Blockchain has great potential for global retail


Blockchain technology has been around for eight years. What’s new is that more and more industry sectors discover the advantages of this technology, as is now the case with food retailing. It is designed to optimize economic processes and grant all stakeholders real-time insights.
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Photo: Employee scans products in a warehouse; copyright:

The future of logistics works digital, connected and autonomous


Digitization is one of the biggest challenges logisticians face today. It gives rise to the creation of new business models and puts existing structures to the test. Yet many companies still lack the necessary knowledge to explore all the advantages these new possibilities have to offer.
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Photo: Woman walking on floor with sensor underlay; copyright: Future-Shape GmbH

Smart retail through use of sensor technology


E-commerce has a clear advantage over brick-and-mortar retail when it comes to subjects like big data, personalization, and automation. If brick-and-mortar retail stores want to catch up to this informational edge, they need efficient methods for information acquisition and processing.
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Photo: Father is explaining Amazon's Alexa to his daughter, copyright; Amazon

Shopping with voice command


Their names are Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa: the digital voice assistants of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon, respectively. They respond to your verbal commands or answer your questions. What’s more, you can also control other smart devices like lamps, stereo equipment or TVs with voice command.
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Photo: Tao Café, copyright: Alibaba

Online giant Alibaba seeks to boost brick-and-mortar retail in China


Embrace the change – that is one maxim of internet giant Alibaba. Change also means adapting to the wants and needs of customers. In this interview, Karl Wehner, Managing Director at the Alibaba Group, explains why the company is going to increasingly focus on merging online and offline retail in the Chinese market in the future.
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Photo: Tablet is used for better consulting; copyright: Knauber

Knauber Freizeitmärkte emphasize digital signage for improved quality of consulting


The digitization of the POS has finally reached the DIY sector. The Knauber Freizeitmärkte have also recognized this great potential and furnished their stores nationwide with digital signage columns and tablets. Products that are not available offline are ordered online from the vendor right at the store.
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Photo: woman touching on an iPad, copyright: Guillem

Shoppable content: content and commerce merge with a click


Shoppable content is a fairly recent e-commerce trend, albeit one that is gaining momentum in the fields of fashion, sports, interior design as well as food. Its implementation is technically sophisticated, but what’s most important is the teamwork in the company and a good, target audience specific concept.
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Photo: Digital Signage at Rathausapotheke (English: Rathaus Pharmacy) at the HUMA shopping center in St. Augustin ; copyright: OPTIMUM-Media GmbH

Digital signage in pharmacies: better consulting with new technologies


Touchscreens, open display behind the counter and digital consultation counters: A look inside the Rathausapotheke (English: Rathaus Pharmacy) at the HUMA shopping center in St. Augustin raises the bar when it comes to digital signage. Its goal is to offer customers a special experience and amplify its consulting service.
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