Contactless Payment

© MasterCard
The EHI Technology Days in Cologne, Germany, delivered a taste of the upcoming EuroCIS. One important topic in Düsseldorf is going to be cashless payment. For a long time, its share in German retail has stagnated at just over 40 percent. Now “mobile money” is hitting stores. But retailers are spoilt for choice: cards and cell phones with a wireless chip competing against cell phones that also turn into wallets without a chip.

Interview with Jürgen Schübel, Head of Commerce Development at MasterCard Europe

© MasterCard
Since March 2010, Jürgen Schübel is in charge of development of the German market for the credit card by MasterCard and the”Maestro“- logo debit cards, which enable bank customers access to their checking account (called “giro account” in Germany). For Schübel, NFC contactless payment is getting more and more important. NFC (near field communication) is not just available for plastic cards.

Interview with Martin Schurig, Head of Financial Services Products, Telefónica Germany

© Telefonica
Many consumers carry their cell phone in their pockets just like they carry their wallet. If it’s up to cellular phone companies, the cell phone is even meant to replace the wallet. The Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone from Great Britain and Spain’s Telefónica with its O2 brand already offer a joint payment procedure for online retailers. It is called “mpass“ and is now also meant to hit local businesses around the corner.