Customer frequency analysis

Retail gets to know its customers better

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By now, most users have gotten used to the fact that in theory, every click on the Internet can be traced. Based on the collected data, online retail is for instance able to make customized recommendations for other products. Brick-and-mortar retail stores need precisely such solutions, because they don’t just want but also have to get to know their customers well. One of the tools that retailers have available for this is customer frequency analysis.

Interview with Christian Wallin, Founder and Managing Director of

There seems to be no way around E-commerce for new businesses in Berlin: every other startup company in Germany’s capital focuses on online sales. But appearances are deceiving. According to a study by Roland Berger, two-thirds of all consumers still shop at brick-and-mortar stores every two weeks or more. This is something Christian Wallin, Founder and Managing Director of also knows too well. In our EuroCIS interview, he explains how his new solution for customer analysis helps local retailers compete against the flood of online stores.

Effective customer analysis with video surveillance

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CCTV cameras can be a big help in the store - not only when it comes to discovering thefts and convicting the perpetrators. In conjunction with modern software solutions, they can also make a strong contribution to customer analysis. Many retailers use such systems for the analysis of customer behavior and thus are able to gain important insights for store planning and marketing campaigns.