Dossier: Merchandise Management and Logistics

Overview: Dossier: Merchandise Management and Logistics

Transport and Logistics


Air cargo and truck volumes are rapidly increasing. The reasons for this on the one hand are global retail purchasing activities and on the other, the construction of ever-larger central distribution centers that cover ever-larger distribution areas. The challenge for policy makers: efficient transportation routes are essential. Retail needs to invest; vehicle fleets and warehouses cost a lot of money.
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RFID in retail


Retail is expecting a lot from radio-frequency identification. However, the fear of trouble in public is at least as great. The biggest technical issues have been resolved and now the specifics are being put to the test. Not long now, until a comprehensive launch in stores is taking place. The fashion industry is the trailblazer.
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Software for inventory and logistics


Test reports, scandals, pathogenic germs like the EHEC change the buying behavior of customers overnight. But even without headlines, the demands on logistics are getting more and more. Response times have to get ever shorter to avoid empty store shelves and excess product. You cannot do this alone. Logisticians and companies have to exchange data in real time.
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Supply Chain Management


Organisation of supply plays nowadays a more dominant role in production and retail. Networking and integration in the supply chain has to be taken care of. gives you the details and has asked experts how efficient and effective these systems work.
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Merchandise Management


Whether it’s logistics, movement of goods, budget or controlling: It’s impossible to imagine business processes of many larger companies without inventory management systems. demonstrates how an inventory management system is also advantageous for smaller businesses.
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RFID: New possibilities for retailers and customers


In the past few years, competition in the retail industry has clearly increased not least because of the growth of online retail. More and more customers use the opportunity to go online before they buy something to get information about the products or to compare prices. Today, ordering directly with the Smartphone is often already convenient, mobile and fast.
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Mobile Data Collection in Retail


To avoid product gaps and to make stocking of shelves easier on associates, an optimal, demand-driven supply of the store needs to be guaranteed. Today, mobile data collection (MDC) in particular provides advantages for flexible and real-time order planning. The flow of goods is of course always tied to the flow of information.
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