Custom S.p.A.

FAST FORWARD IN RETAIL SOLUTIONS #BeCustom: the new era of shop automation

Today, the Custom Group is a global password in planning and production of mechatronic print and scanning solutions, offering a vast range of products for the automation of public services in more than 56 countries around the world.  BeCustom means managing to produce 795.000 products in just 12 months Innovation, Technology, Knowledge and Reference. TWENTYFIVE  GENIUS and SILK PC Pos, together with PosA App, will be the protagonist solutions of the most important technological fair for Retail. PosA is now developed according "GoDB requirements" legislation in force and fully compatible at the next German law about "electronic signature receipts" using standard OpenSLL encryption libraries avilables for Android OS.

TWENTYFIVE  is the latest AIO innovation from Custom, showcasing our 25 years of product development and offering. An all aluminum design with 17” TrueFlat capacitive touch screen. Low power consumption of 15W Additionally, the TWENTYFIVE has a variety of optional accessories such as a fingerprint reader, 9.7” customer display, 2x20 LCD graphic customer display, and multiple processor configurations. Available with processor I5 and new generation of Celeron.

GENIUS, a revolutionary AIO multi-platform PC POS for Android™, Linux, or Windows operative systems, with 3” embedded thermal printer touch screen wide landscape; the one of a kind and most compact PC POS with innovative customer monitor for digital signature.

SILK, the fastest and the compact ANDROID PC POS with an innovative and refined design, that offers Retail and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors high performances without compromising the design. The result is the immediate improvement in every step of sales and purchases through a huge 13.3'' or 15.6'' display, an handy customer display, and a refined base that meets the most complex needs of the modern and essential design. SILK was developed with the aim of supporting in the best way the new PosA, by creating the chance of having an interface for the sales data analysis for a better management of the performances.

Custom fiscal devices are already approved in 14 international countries with different transmission technologies but all with the aim to give real time information to the revenue authority, and we are conducting the certification procedures in 10 other countries.  Also the German market is evaluating, from 2020, to start with a fiscal law based on the one now starting in Austria: an offline signature of the receipt through a certification authority.  “There are different regulations from country to country that use different transmission technologies”, says Alessandro Pedrazzi - EMEA POS division Sales Director - “the International interest towards the new technologies to manage fiscal data transmission is increasing fast. We are a worldwide reference in developing fiscal devices  to manage the point of sale and we can also offer consultation to governmental offices to develop the necessary infrastructures for managing and examining these amount of data. Today the Group is a top player offering HARDWARE, SOFTWARE and SERVICE solutions.”  The international experience and know-how acquired over time and in the field allowed the Group to become the only company capable of designing, developing and producing everything in-house, making available to the various markets a "multi-sector" offer that can combine hardware, software and service. Custom exhibits at EUROCIS with its POS/RETAIL division (PC POS, Printers&Cash Registers) that reached the goal of 32% of total turnover.  Since 25 years Custom Group develops embedded solutions, interacting with users’ daily life, listening to the consumer’s voice, identifying highly functional solutions able to satisfy the needs of the modern point of sale. The Group has been able to develop technological and user-friendly solutions, in order to create concrete benefits for the retail sector.
Considering the increase of interest from the Retail sector towards RFID technology for CHECK OUT, Custom group developed Multi Scan - equipped with wireless and contactless communication for retail sales. This highly functional system integrates thermal printing K3 (family), RFID technology, bi-dimensional barcodes scanning (available both with Wi-fi and Bluetooth),  contactless recharge; functions able to work with or without PC. An elegant, compact and space-saving solution (system embedded directly on the printer) with a 1D, 2D and OCR-B scanning technology, stand alone mode and with the ability to interact with loyalty programs dedicated to a single customer through RFID. The 2020 Industrial Plan, presented by Carlo Stradi - President & CEO of the Custom Group - includes competence and a practical approach in the context of future strategies aimed at bringing "Integrated Solutions" and not just "Products" to the market.  Real benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduction of operating costs (TCO) for the Client choosing Custom Group. "The goal of Custom is to offer complete and reliable solutions that would save our Clients from having to use their own resources, thus removing them from focusing on the main activity of their business," says Carlo Stradi - President & CEO of Gruppo Custom.  Custom show the worldwide premiere about  integrated solution capable of “increasing information and content” to enjoy a unique, specialist retail experience. Custom has improved hardware with easy-to-use technologies with the most innovative Augmented Reality Experience.  Custom is presenting the innovative Augmented Reality solution applied to the Retail, Hospitality and GDO market to make the shopping experience truly unique! “Augmented Solutions” could also be used to make brochures,  catalogues, more attractive and appealing. The technology makes a range of multimedia content available, which is displayed on the device, interacting this way with reality, and augmenting it with endless options for solutions, images, data, information and videos. Genuine extra multimedia content, included even in protected environments and existing retail software.

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