Online giant Alibaba seeks to boost brick-and-mortar retail in China

Integrated omnichannel model to deliver a seamless customer experience

Embrace the change – that is one maxim of internet giant Alibaba. Change also means adapting to the wants and needs of customers. In this interview, Karl Wehner, Managing Director at the Alibaba Group, explains why the company is going to increasingly focus on merging online and offline retail in the Chinese market in the future.


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Future Lab and ideas platform for the retail trade: the new START-UP HUB at EuroCIS 2018
Start-up companies are creative, flexible, and forward-looking. Many of them have devoted themselvesto the development of state-of-the-art IT systems and solutions in the retail trade. So what could be better suited for EuroCIS 2018, the leading trade fair for retail technology, than providing a dedicated presentation space for these newcomers?
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Self-checkouts are getting increasingly common in the retail trade
The number of outlets with self-checkouts has risen by 50 per cent within the last two years. Yet Germany is still a developing country for self-checkouts. As the market is rapidly gaining momentum, leading international suppliers are offering full range of today’s SCO solutions at the EuroCIS 2018.
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Retail’s Digital Startup of the Year award
The award honors promising new companies expected to drive digital retail forward. The digital startups could significantly improve or alter the retail industry with their innovations.
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Retailers should start developing AR apps or risk losing customers
Nearly three in four consumers now expect retailers to launch an augmented reality app within the next six months. According to new research, consumers expect to be using augmented reality applications soon.
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Customer-facing technology paves the way for digital transformation of retail
New holistic and data-driven approaches optimize personalization and shopper experience, finds the Digital Transformation team of Frost & Sullivan. Customer-driven digital transformation is of the utmost importance for retailers wanting to stand the pace.
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Consumers to abandon cash by 2020
More than half of consumers expect to abandon cash as paying method in the next two years, according to a global research report by Paysafe. Mobile wallets and contactless payment present new opportunities for retailers.
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Artificial intelligence patents are transforming the retail landscape
The latest research provides insight on technology developments and developers. According to Netscribes, over 1200 patent publications have been filed globally since 2012, with a focus on artificial intelligence in the retail and e-commerce segment.
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Australian 3D online shopping platform is about to go live
The 360 Mall is an innovative e-commerce solution: Shoppers can shop online in 3D, virtually walk around the stores and even pick up items. The beta site was successful and now about a hundred retailers are waiting for the project to go online.
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EuroCIS 2018: Technology Never Sleeps!
From February 27th to March 1st 2018, visitors can learn about the latest trends, innovations and case studies in retail technology. The EuroCis 2018 in Düsseldorf is the place to be for anyone who wants to keep up with technological possibilities for retailers.
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The ACP announces new multimedia Coupon Industry Resource Library
Association of Coupon Professionals compiled content about coupon promotions for retailers and producers. The Coupon Industry Resource Library (CIRL) is a project to help promote coupons as a sales and marketing tool.
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In-store tracking: customer buying behavior analysis ever more precise

… but keep it anonymous and compliant with data protection legislation

At what times do guests visit the store and how do they behave? And how does this impact sales? Retailers have to address these issues to optimize the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. To do this, retailers have access to a wide range of technologies on the market that measure customer football and consumer behavior.