Innovations at the checkout counter

Cash: Automation reduces costs and is safer

© Rene Tillmann / Messe Duesseldorf
Cashless and also ever more often contactless payment with credit card or cell phone is on the rise. Nevertheless many customers still prefer to pay with bills and coins. The German Federal Reserve however has largely backed out from directly supplying cash to the retail market. That’s not the only reason small stores as well as large chain stores are highly interested in new choices that reduce costs in cash handling and at the same time increase safety.

Exhibitors report on new checkout counter orders

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A modern checkout counter can do more than just take in money. EuroCIS has something for all retailers. A few short weeks before the trade show starts, several highlights all about checkout counters are already on the horizon. While some exhibiting companies emphasize their new products, others are able to report about larger orders from the retail market.

Interview with Uwe Pieper, Senior Director at real,-

© Metro Group
In April of 2003 the Metro Group – at that time located at the Extra Future Store in Rheinberg, Germany – started to introduce self-checkout registers in German food retailing. In October 2003 the rollout began in Ratingen near Düsseldorf. According to Uwe Pieper, at this point nationwide approximately 70 real,- hypermarkets are furnished with self-checkout counters. Yet sometimes equipment is also being taken down again. In this EuroCIS interview he talks about customers, configurations and cash register employees.