Maintenance, Support and Service in Retail

Remote Services in Retail – Faster Maintenance, Better Service?

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Retail hardware solutions are becoming more and more complex, and maintenance more elaborate –regardless of whether it is a checkout, a scale, a kiosk terminal or a mobile scanner. This also increases demands on manufacturer services. After all: the more complicated the application, the more often there are malfunctions. It’s a good thing that a lot of today’s equipment is interconnected. Remote service significantly simplifies service for retailers and manufacturers.

Interview with Dr. Dieter Neumann, CEO of Acteos S.A.

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Hardware and software solutions for retail are becoming more and more complex. Although this also makes them achieve much more, it places new demands on maintenance and service by manufacturers. In this interview, Dr. Dieter Neumann, CEO of Acteos S.A., explains which services are most sought after with current equipment and how service works, when it pertains to equipment by hardware partners.

Interview with Wolfgang Künkler, Vice President Product Related Services, Wincor Nixdorf

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What services do retailers expect from their IT service provider today? In this EuroCIS interview, Wolfgang Künkler, VP Product Related Services at Wincor Nixdorf, explains how maximum availability of POS systems and thus a cost-effective operation can be guaranteed.