Merchandise Management

Quelle: Höft & Wessel
Whether it’s logistics, movement of goods, budget or controlling: It’s impossible to imagine business processes of many larger companies without merchandise management systems. demonstrates how a merchandise management system is also advantageous for smaller businesses.
EuroCIS also talked to Dr. Andreas Müller, Höft & Wessel, about the trend toward interlinked terminals in merchandise management.
For big retailers, inventory management systems are very common. They use them to optimize their logistics, for special sales and statistical evaluation. Small retailers are more sceptical. Costs, taxes and complicated software makes them think twice about getting into this. But it will help them to get along better with inventory and financial aspects.

Mobile hand-held terminals are able to do more and more things and retailer’s demand for being connected via WLAN (=wireless local area network) to inventory management is rising, states Dr. Andreas Müller in a interview. At Höft & Wessel in Hanover, he is in charge of research and development in the MDE area. “If you work offline, you use a simple system, but you still don’t utilize mobile terminals to their fullest possible potential.”