Mobile Data Collection in Retail

Mobile Data Collection – Essential to Modern Store Logistics

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These days, retail is still particularly shaped by intense competition. IT is an important tool for the individual retailer to ensure advantages compared to the competition. After all, the right systems can achieve cost savings as well as an increase in efficiency. Special attention is placed on optimizing the flow of goods in the warehouse and in the store.

Interview with Reiner Szech, Regional Director DACH of Datalogic ADC

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Mobile Data Collection (MDC) in the store and the warehouse brings information benefits to the employees and enables a fast and flexible inventory planning, especially compared to the earlier models, where products were only scanned twice, at goods receipt and at the point of sale. What mobile data collection devices are capable of today and whether smartphones will be able to take over all of their tasks in the future, explains Reiner Szech, Regional Director of Marketing at Datalogic ADC, in this EuroCIS interview.

Intervew with Peter Eck, Vice President Sales, Blue Yonder

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Mobile devices have become indispensible in retail. After all, they perform all kinds of different tasks. One of the most important tasks is data collection, which becomes faster and more flexible with the current mobile solutions. Peter Eck, Vice President of Sales at Blue Yonder, explains in our current EuroCIS interview what advantages mobile data collection and generally the use of mobile devices have for inventory planning as well as for marketing and customer analysis.