Mobile barcode scanner

With the Internet of Things (IOT), smartphone becomes the tool for data collection. RIOTEC develops Godascan barcode scanner which upgrades smartphone to simple data collector. That is, Godascan extends smartphone to data capture market. 

The latest solution: Godascan + smartphone = data collector

* DC9277L: Plug and Play (Wired, for Android OTG phone)
* iDC9277L: BT communication (HID profile, for iOS /Android/Windows Smartphone)
* With appropriate APPs, this solution can be used in warehouse inventory management, logistic and ticket checking.
* With touch trigger, the operation is easy. 
* GODASCAN can be used for 4”~6” devices.
* The back of GODASCAN has PU glue / suction cup which can be stuck on smartphone strongly. 
* GODASCAN has Li-Ion battery inside which provides enough power to barcode scanner. 
* You don’t need to remove GODASCAN when in charge. You can charge both GODASCAN & smartphone through its micro USB port directly.

Exhibitor Data Sheet