Multi-Channel Solutions

Trivial or notable – Polls on the subject of multichannel solutions

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It is not just politicians who keep an eye on polls. They also play an important role in the economy. Marketing research lives from it and so does advertising. But a not terribly representative quick poll sometimes quickly gets turned into a “study“. The topic of multichannel marketing is a great example for this. But there is also some good research that can be taken seriously.

Interview with Achim Himmelreich, BVDW / Mücke, Sturm & Company

Achim Himmelreich is one of the speakers of the Multichannel Forum at the EuroCIS. The management consultant now answers several important questions about selling on all channels before the event. Himmelreich, who manages the Department of E-Commerce of the German Federal Association of the Digital Economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft BVDW), encourages retailers: if your target group is active in social networks, you should first listen to them and then actively join in the conversation. But to be able to do this, sales associates have to relearn, because networks speak a different language.

Interview with Susanne Zander, Managing Director Xpress Reply, Gütersloh, Germany

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The number of EuroCIS exhibitors is growing and growing. Just before Christmas, Xpress Reply from Gütersloh booked their spot. Last year the company showcased for the first time in Düsseldorf under its former name cm4. It offers solutions for the new communication channels and digital media. In an interview on our focal topic Multichannel, Susanne Zander explains why this trendy topic creates so many problems in practice.