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Digital coupon redemptions to surpass 90 billion dollars by 2022


A new study from Juniper Research has found that the value of digital coupon redemptions will surge to 91 billion dollars by 2022, up from 47 billion dollars in 2017. In-app redemptions will drive mobile channel.
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Why compliance with the GDPR is so important for retailers


Half of UK consumers don’t believe commercial organisations care about their privacy, Thales research finds, and only 6 percent of consumers trust retailers with their data. If consumers don’t trust businesses, they face far more than just fines for non-compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Retailers welcome congressional focus on data security


Hearings in the House Financial Services and Energy and Commerce Committees address consumer privacy in the digital age. RILA issues a statement concerning retailer’s stance on consumer privacy and data security.
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Online shopping: Focus on convenience or security?


Many consumers in the UK are expecting fraud when shopping online. Therefore, they want businesses to heighten their security measures. A new report reveals that the merchant focus on convenience at the expense of security is a false economy.
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U.S. and EU retailers agree on common approach to new data regulations


The National Retail Federation and EuroCommerce announced an agreement to work together in developing a common approach on implementing new EU data protection regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation sets out changes to almost every area of customer data processing.
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