News from the world of checkout counters

Cell phone and credit card in place of coins and bills

Source: Itellium
News from the world of checkout counters – that’s annually an important topic at the EuroCIS. What has emerged over the past few years will intensify in February: Next to handling cash, cashless payments more and more take center stage. In doing so, retailers don’t just pay attention to their hardware, but also to the equipment of their customers.

Interview with Peter Antl, Country Manager Germany, SIX Pay

Source: SIX Pay
The SIX Group combines infrastructure performance of the Swiss financial center for International payment transactions. Since July 2009 SIX Pay is the marketing organization for credit- and debit card processing outside of Switzerland, being active in 29 countries. Peter Antl is in charge of Germany. He expects great benefits from the new smartphones and paying via cell phone. They offer “real benefits for consumers and also for businesses. “

Interview with Andreas Berger, Board of Directors Awek AG

Quelle: Awek
As a medium-sized company, Awek stands its ground against the big companies in the point-of-sale system market. Managing Director Andreas Berger describes the changes that are currently happening at cash registers in retail: Touch-screen monitors are more and more asserting themselves, cash registers are turning more and more into personal computers and paying is getting ever easier – via cell phone, fingerprint or by card. What do chain stores want? What makes sense and is necessary for smaller retailers?