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2018-10-16: About clouds, DDoS attacks and business intelligence


Make room for innovation: cloud services for agile businesses • Cyber criminals: the bad boys of the online world • Second round for the Start-up Hub @ EuroCIS 2019. Participate now! • Business intelligence: the single source of truth • 70 percent of AI projects in digital commerce are successful
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2018-10-02: Mobile, automated and digital: There is a wide range of new technologies for retailers


Marketing automation: The USP of the online world • Mobile payment with WeChat Pay and Alipay in German retail • Digital sporting goods retailers • The future of unmanned stores • Checkout-free technology enabling frictionless shopping
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2018-09-18: Cashless stores and virtual reality – examples in retail


Virtual Commerce in retail • The underestimation of Indian global delivery centers • Second round for the Start-up Hub @ EuroCIS 2019. Participate now! • No-checkout store of the future • In the rickshaw with ... David Studer, xovis
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2018-09-06: The future of retail: Young professionals and startups with new impulses


Young Professionals: Plan less, do more! • Second round for the Start-up Hub @ EuroCIS 2019. Participate now! • Mobile shopping: Of personal shopping assistants and mobile payment • EuroCIS 2019: Making a statement for the future of retail! • Perfectly fitting clothes to prevent retail returns
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2018-08-07: Wasted sales potential in e-commerce


Contactless and mobile payment: When will they be successful? • Online marketing: Huge opportunities after transaction completion • The Retail Innovation Theatre in Madrid: The testing is the studying • PWA and AMP: How to deliver mobile content faster • In the rickshaw with … Maik Althoff, Honeywell
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2018-07-05: Ideal conditions for online retail and mobile shopping


Analysis tools: Faster websites boost sales • Breuninger in Düsseldorf uses mobile payment app • E-commerce in furniture retail: experiment, learn, compare notes • Visitor’s Corner • Reduce webpage load time - methods at a glance • In the rickshaw with … João Rodrigues, youbeep
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2018-06-07: EuroCIS is looking for the world champion: bet and win!


Retail assistance systems: reducing employee stress • Join in, team up and win! • Success is no coincidence: Business Analytics in retail • Interview with Rikus Kolster, Lekkerland Germany • In the rickshaw with … Manuel Tessloff, ReAct
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2018-05-03: Review: EuroCIS 2018 - Outlook: The new EuroShop.mag


Psychographic Targeting • Visions of Retail: How technologies will drive retail • EuroShop on Track for 2020 - Exhibitor application online • Visitor’s Corner: Interview with Stefan Ziegler, Coca-Cola • Don't miss the EuroShop World Cup betting game • In the rickshaw with … Steven Largent, SES-imagotag • 3 questions to … Godelef Kühl, godesys AG
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2018-04-05: Companies are on the move: Technologies that drive retail


Artificial Intelligence • Visions of Retail: Digitization creates new needs in furniture trade • An industry sector is entering the digital age • Join EuroCIS 2019! • Visitor's Corner - Interview with Dominic Paas, Red Bull Germany • 3 questions to … Chris Suff, Tyco Retail Solutions • Fantastic EuroCIS 2018
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2018-03-08: EuroCIS 2018 - Review of the most successful EuroCIS to date


EuroCIS 2018 closes with outstanding results • Interactive and autonomous: Robotics and virtual systems for stationary retail • Visions of Retail ... REWE Systems • In the rickshaw with ... Manuel Tessloff, ReAct • Make it easy: Optimizing the checkout process • We proudly present: Our new exhibitors from around the world • In the rickshaw with ... David Studer, xovis
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