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2019-02-05: Hip hop, street look, technology!


Pure Hip hop: Snipes in Cologne • Topics and trends of EuroCIS 2019 • Mobile outruns desktop: 46 percent vs 44 percent • stores+shops technology Shop finder • The Guided Innovation Tour at EuroCIS 2019 • 60 percent of US consumers willing to share personal data
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2019-01-22: Mobile first: that’s not just empty words


Retailer app identifies counterfeit products and supports CRM • Visual search: The new product search using images • Start-up hub @ EuroCIS 2019: BRICKSPACES pop up your business • More online shoppers want free shipping
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2019-01-08: Technology Year 2019: What's in store for retail?


Mobile payment via electronic shelf labels • Chatbot trends 2019 • Consumers refuse to go cashless • Strong growth in card acceptance
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2018-12-18: Personalization and artificial intelligence


Accurate and efficient: Artificial intelligence for hiring and recruiting employees • Real-time personalization: “A ten percent sales increase is possible“ • Digital ad spend hits record-breaking 49.5 billion dollars in first half of 2018 • How reliable are search terms for SEO and SEM results?
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2018-12-04: E-commerce is more wanted than ever!


How to create a next level seamless payment innovation • 3 questions to... Dr. Stephan Sandrock, ifaa • In-store asia 2019 in Mumbai • 6 seal of approvals every online retailer needs to know • IGD predicts five trends set to shape retail in 2019 • C-star 2019 in Shanghai: Smart Technology Village enters second round •
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2018-11-20: The drones are coming! What will they bring?


3 questions to … Jochen Ludwig, Expert • More than retail security: RFID tags with features for the cashierless store • Things are buzzing in Iceland: Food delivery by drone • Clothing and footwear spend via online-only retailers is set to soar • Customer identification is key to personalizing the shopping experience
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2018-11-06: New cashless store format in Chicago


“I see augmented reality leading the way in the store” • Video: “Wow Bao” in Chicago • Innovation management: Don’t just collect data. Use it • Merchants are missing omnichannel opportunities • UK customers contact brands nearly half a billion times every month
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2018-10-16: About clouds, DDoS attacks and business intelligence


Make room for innovation: cloud services for agile businesses • Cyber criminals: the bad boys of the online world • Second round for the Start-up Hub @ EuroCIS 2019. Participate now! • Business intelligence: the single source of truth • 70 percent of AI projects in digital commerce are successful
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2018-10-02: Mobile, automated and digital: There is a wide range of new technologies for retailers


Marketing automation: The USP of the online world • Mobile payment with WeChat Pay and Alipay in German retail • Digital sporting goods retailers • The future of unmanned stores • Checkout-free technology enabling frictionless shopping
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2018-09-18: Cashless stores and virtual reality – examples in retail


Virtual Commerce in retail • The underestimation of Indian global delivery centers • Second round for the Start-up Hub @ EuroCIS 2019. Participate now! • No-checkout store of the future • In the rickshaw with ... David Studer, xovis
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