Omnichannel Forum 02/21/2019

Hall 10 / Stand F72




11:00-11:20 am

Standard advertising for everyone was yesterday - today we are able to create individual just-in-time advertising. Science fiction? No! Live demo of a ready-made marketing solution for digital signage and social WiFi

Assuero Ferraro, Sales Consultant, BLUE Consult GmbH
Marc Duga, Head of PR, BLUE Consult GmbH

Photo: Assuero Ferraro, Marc Dugas

11:20-11:40 am

Omnichannel retailing in fiscal environment

Darko Pavic, Member of the board, Fiscal solutions d.o.o.

Photo: Darko Pavic

11:40-12:00 pm

How in-store Apps will drive your e-Commerce sales

Walter de Wit, Business Development Manager, Colleqtive Apps for Retail

Photo: Walter de Wit

12:00-12:20 pm

Creating Virtual Warehouse and Interstore Order Management System

Georgi Valkov, Managing Partner, DACH Bridge GmbH

Photo: Georgi Valkov

12:20-12:40 pm

360-degree view: cross-channel process management through the use of ERP software

Rainer Neuke, Chief Customer Officer, Quix GmbH

Photo: Rainer Neuke

12:40-1:00 pm

Performance & Visibility assurance for online retail services

Oliver Burgstaller, Director Advanced Business Solutions, Riverbed Technology

Photo: Oliver Burgstaller

1:00-1:20 pm

From Assortment to POS to Fulfillment: Integrating the entire journey to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences and higher margins.

Richard Willis, Regional Vice President, Aptos

Photo: Richard Willis

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