Online Shops and Security

How secure is mobile shopping?

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Smartphones and tablets are no longer just mere communication tools. Today modern devices do not just replace the camera and MP3 Player. Internet-capable mobile phones are turning more and more into sales consultants and sales counters, and are eventually going to replace the wallet. However, the new functions also bring new risks.

Interview with Sebastian Spooren, Project Manager of

Whether it’s food, books or electrical appliances – online shops offer a very large assortment of products. At this point, Internet users in Germany are making 25 percent of purchases online. But is online shopping always secure? Online businesses and users should observe several rules when it comes to security.

Interview with Doctor Peter Schill of German Federation of Service for Online Providers (BDOA)

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Personal data we provide online is beyond our control to a certain extent. For purchases, online stores also request sensitive customer data by asking for addresses and payment information. Store operators have to store this data for ten years and protect it at the same time. spoke with Doctor Peter Schill about costumer data protection in stores. Schill explains where the difficulties are and how theft and data abuse can be prevented. He is Department Head of Data Protection & Data Security at the German Federation of Service for Online Providers (BDOA) and Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Leading Security Experts GmbH in Darmstadt.