RFID in retail

RFID in retail

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Retail is expecting a lot from radio-frequency identification. However, the fear of trouble in public is at least as great. The biggest technical issues have been resolved and now the specifics are being put to the test. Not long now, until a comprehensive launch in stores is taking place. The fashion industry is the trailblazer.

Interview with Thorsten Wischnewski, Divisional Manager RFID at RAKO Security Label, Witzhave

Soccer and the Olympics – this summer offers some major popular events. RFID is getting more and more important in sports. Does this improve the acceptance of radio frequency identification in society? We asked Thorsten Wischnewski from RAKO. The conglomerate from Witzhave by Hamburg, Germany, is an exhibitor at EuroCIS and serves the sport industry as well as the retail market.

RFID in Food retail - QC and personal shopping device

RFID labelling has been almost exclusively a non-food issue with us. Advantages and problems of RFID in care labels have been discussed in detail. However there are some exciting approaches in the food sector as well, which were compiled by the editorial team of the food trade fairs InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat. Be it the quality control of food or RFID within the “Magic Ring” – which may be in future our personal guidance for our individual shopping – it all gets covered.