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John Lewis Partnership announces five retail tech startups for JLAB 2017


The John Lewis Partnership has selected five retail tech startups for JLAB 2017. The finalists were chosen from more than 300 applications and presented innovative ideas in the retail and food services space.
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Photo: Robotic arm stowing parcel; copyright: / Mihajlo Maricic

2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge winners announced


Contestants at this year’s Amazon Robotics Challenge were awarded 270,000 dollars in prizes to support continued innovation within the robotics and automation community. The robots had to successfully pick and stow unique items.
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Research examines benefits of promoting competing retail websites


Dr. Mohammad Zia was surprised to find online promotion by competing providers on certain webshops. Researchers then found that in-store advertising by competitors is a common practice across the web. Under specific circumstances there may be mutual advantages for both retailers.
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Photo: Prof. Georg Rosenfeld (left), Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer, CTO at Schaeffler AG; copyright: Ludmilla Parsyak; Fraunhofer IAO

Schaeffler AG and Fraunhofer sign a strategic partnership agreement


Regularly exchanging information about the changes going on in the world and the resulting challenges and opportunities are important elements of the partnership for both parties.
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Bluetooth Beacons Market Analysis 2014-2025


The global bluetooth beacon market size is expected to reach USD 58.7 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research.
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