Retail Vending Systems

Mini shop without sales assistance, open 24 hours

Snacks at the railway station, passport photos at the airport or cigarettes around the corner – vending machines are in many locations. They offer their products around-the-clock and without the usual opening hours. Public vending, the sale of goods from publicly available vending machines is a market with a lot of potential.

Interview with Juan Luis Ayo, Sales and Marketing Manager Azkoyen

© Azkoyen IMG
In the last 15 years the German division of Azkoyen has been successful through the market for cigarette vending machines. However, with the current anti-smoking legislation taking hold revenue has taken a hit. To counter these trends Azkoyen has broadened its range with new vending systems, for example, with machines dispensing hot beverages. This spring, for the first time, the company was an exhibitor at the EuroCIS where they displayed new vending systems. These systems dispense product that has already been selected in the shop and purchased at the register. They have been operating in Sweden and are now ready for launch in the broader Eruopean market.

Interview with Michael Greschniok, Press Officer for Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways), Department Passenger Stations

German Railways (DB) has 5,700 passenger stations. With 3,500 vending machines, it is the most important German partner for operators of snack and soda vending machines. At the large railway stations, they complement the product range of stores – even after closing time. German Railways asks the operators to also equip smaller railway stations that do not have a shop, with vending machines.