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Scan to buy with QR narrowcasting

DIZ has introduced a new solution with QR narrowcasting. This solution Scan to buy with QR narrowcasting creates a direct link between the product as shown on media such as photo or videoclip, and the product in the webshop. Where at present the client needs to remember what he or she saw and where, this new tool will redirect instantly from media to webshop, using  the mobile camera and QR code. The solution is therefore the missing sales and marketing tool in e-commerce. 

Scan to buy with QR narrowcasting has been developed by Ice House Netherlands in collaboration with partner Convidad, and is the first of an O2O framework platform for e-commerce retail. The online and offline retail and e-commerce concepts offer new possibilities for customer engagement. With the help of digital mirrors and screens it will become possible to give a new meaning for instance to the pop up shopping concept, and fitting room mirrors could become a point of sale. Screens in the shop can make the entire collection visible on site, while they can be bought with an augmented reality app in the webshop and delivered at home. A pop up with screens and mirrors could also help set up a new shop in a new market in a different country, by testing the concept combined with the webshop. 

 The QR narrowcasting solution is being displayed at the DIZ kiosk at Eurocis in Düsseldorf, this week. 

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