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Smiley feedback company HappyOrNot unveils touchscreen terminal

HappyOrNot, the company responsible for creating the globally-recognizable ‘Smiley’ feedback system, today announces the launch of Smiley Touch™, a touchscreen terminal that empowers customers to provide more feedback than ever before, and in turn supercharge company decision-making.

Building on the success of its first product – with over 25,000 Smiley Terminals™installed around the world, receiving over 700 million feedbacks points to date – HappyOrNot also announces new branding capabilities for its terminals, while making significant updates to its reporting services. 

Smiley Touch™
The Smiley Touch is a touchscreen tablet terminal, with mobile network technology, which offers three-tier surveys, providing organizations with even more insightful customer feedback. The survey consists of:

Main question – The Smiley Touch comes with an attention sign for posing questions to customers. Examples of typical questions and prompts include: ‘how was your experience with us today?’ or ‘how friendly was our staff?’ Customers then answer by choosing one of the four ‘Smiley’ feedback options.
Follow-up question – Customers are then presented with a secondary, follow-up question. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction with a particular issue, the follow-up question will display a pre-selected list of causes, such as ‘waiting time’ or ‘service’, allowing for more insightful answers.
Open feedback – A text box and touch screen keyboard allows customers to give qualitative answers.

Branding Packs
HappyOrNot has also introduced branding packs for both its internationally-renowned Smiley Terminal™, which itself has undergone a visual revamp, and the new Smiley Touch. Through fully customizable branding packs, the look and feel can be altered depending on their brand guidelines, and the aesthetics of the airport, retail outlet, or office space that it stands in. Companies can choose to have HappyOrNot’s in-house design team create a design based on their logo, or alternatively create their own with easy-to-use design templates.

Reporting Service
To coincide with the release of Smiley Touch, HappyOrNot has also made improvements to its reporting service. Clients can track and manage their service performance using intuitive and interactive data analytics, accessible 24/7 via the online dashboard, mobile, and automated email reports.

  • Quick View – Provides an instant overview of a company’s key performance results, which are summarized in simple, informative widgets, enabling a focus on the most important information.
  • Analytics – Presents a deeper analysis of customer feedback. Analytics allows companies to evaluate their past and current performance, research long-term trends, and pinpoint exactly where and when a decline in customer happiness was experienced.

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