Software for inventory and logistics

Logistics software is cooperation software

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Test reports, scandals, pathogenic germs like the EHEC that’s currently wreaking havoc in Germany, change the buying behavior of customers overnight. But even without headlines, the demands on logistics are getting more and more. Response times have to get ever shorter to avoid empty store shelves and excess product. You cannot do this alone. Logisticians and companies have to exchange data in real time. This calls for IT that enables joint communication.

Interview with Dr. Hans Christoph Dönges, Executive Manager at SALT Solutions, Logistics Division

SAP standard software can do a lot, but not everything. These gaps are filled by specialized software providers like SALT Solutions. In this interview Christoph Dönges explains how customer requirements turn into new products, what challenges result from the new mobile possibilities and why fashion & lifestyle is an interesting market. Since the beginning of this year, Dönges is in charge of the logistics division at SALT. The company that was founded in 2002 now employs 270 full-time employees.

Interview with Stefan Gruler, Global Head of Trading Industries at SAP

Lunar at Edeka is Europe’s largest IT project in retail. Those who switch to standard software, interfere deeply into grown structures of a company. And by no means do all conversions turn into a success. What efforts pay off? What needs to change in logistics and store controls? What do mobile applications and cloud computing deliver? Those and many other questions are answered by Stefan Gruler from SAP – not just for the big guys, but also for the small/medium-sized retail companies.