Store Detectives in Retail

Successful Interaction between Man and Technology – Store Detectives in Retail

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According to EHI Retail Institute, inventory differences in German retail still amount to a total of 3.8 billion euros per year. And according to a study supported by Checkpoint Systems, shoplifters have caused the German retailers a loss of 924.2 million euros during Christmas time in 2012 alone. Shoplifters steal merchandise, receive unwarranted refunds, swap price tags, pass counterfeit money and commit fraud in payment transactions and with credit cards. No retailer can afford to ignore these numbers. Modern safety features and equipment can help. However, most retailers still also rely on traditional store detectives.

Interview with Martin Hildebrandt, Deputy Managing Director of the Federation of Economic Security (BDSW)

As Deputy Managing Director of the Federation of Economic Security (BDSW), Martin Hildebrandt is responsible for the topic of training of security personnel. In our EuroCIS interview, he explains which specialized skills retail security staff needs and how high the demand for qualified specialists is today.

Interview with Lothar Faust, Product Manager Retail Security, Securitas

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Retail needs comprehensive security concepts to protect products, employees and customers. This includes both modern security technology, as well as specially trained personnel. But not only the fight against shoplifters is in the foreground, security personnel also protects against potentially violent people, endangering the customers and employees. In this EuroCIS interview, Lothar Faust, Product Manager Retail Security, Securitas, describes how an efficcient prevention and protection concept works.