Supply Chain Management

Quelle: Zetes IND / ProOrga
Organisation of supply plays nowadays a more dominant role in production and retail. Networking and integration in the supply chain has to be taken care of. gives you the details and has asked experts how efficient and effective these systems work.
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Logistics means more than just transporting goods from A to B. Logisticians have thought in terms of supply chains for a long time, from manufacturer through several intermediate storage facilities, ports and freeways all the way to the location where the goods are needed. Supply Chain Management (SCM) in business means: avoiding shortages on store shelves, but also not ordering too many goods, because product cycles are getting shorter. At the same time, logistics is a cost factor and climate protection gains more and more importance.
Quelle: Realogis
Interview with Umut Ertan, Managing Director for Realogis Holding and Realogis Investment, Munich

Retail is betting on central warehouses and rightly so, since this creates significant savings and synergies, especially when it comes to personnel expenses. However, more and more properties are being leased and not self-built anymore, Umut Ertan, Managing Director for Realogis points out in this interview. Since 2005 his group of companies consults businesses in their search for industrial – and logistics real estate, in fullfillment as well as in investments. According to him, many existing buildings desperately need to be modernized.

Quelle: Fraunhofer SCS
Interview with Dr. Christian Kille, Fraunhofer SCS

The Fraunhofer-Task Group of Technologies for Logistics in the Service Industry (=Arbeitsgruppe für Technologien der Logistik-Dienstleistungswirtschaft (ATL) has changed its name in November 2009 to Supply Chain Services (SCS). The group responds to a trend where logisticians aside from transport provide more services to their customers, like for example assembly, labelling or coordination. Fraunhofer SCS is an independent science team of 45 members. Their market analysis is coordinated by Chief Operating Officer Dr. Christian Kille. He is answering our questions on Supply Chain Management in the retail business.