Transport and Logistics

Retail invests in trucks and warehouses

&copy / Mark Tilly
Air cargo and truck volumes are rapidly increasing. The reasons for this on the one hand are global retail purchasing activities and on the other, the construction of ever-larger central distribution centers that cover ever-larger distribution areas. The challenge for policy makers: efficient transportation routes are essential. Retail needs to invest; vehicle fleets and warehouses cost a lot of money.

Interview with Dr. Peter Ramsauer, German Minister of Transport

© BMVBS Frank Ossenbrink
German Minister of Transport Peter Ramsauer does not tolerate criticism about the new so-called mega trucks on German roads. ”Interested companies can now cut loose“, he says in an EuroCIS interview on the road test. He wants to wait and see whether roads are being damaged and motorists and cyclists put at risk.

Interview with Dr. Andreas Froschmayer, Division Manager of Corporate Development & PR with Dachser

&copy Dachser
Logisticians depend on the economic situation and politics. When the economy booms, more products are being transported; politicians influence transportation costs. Nevertheless, Dachser does not like to comment on political issues. In 2010, the large family business based in Kempten in the Bavarian Allgäu region, generated 3.8 billion Euros in total revenue. The food logistics business segment generated 500 million Euros and transported 5.4 million tons.