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Customers are meant to weigh items again on their own thanks to new technology

Scales are slowly returning to the produce section. This speeds up the scanning process at the checkout. New scales with touch screen monitors and video recognition make it possible. Customers no longer have to type in the number on the price tag like in the old days or choose from several dozen keys.

Interview with Volker Busse, Creative Design Division, DIGI Deutschland

© DIGI Deutschland
Many things are different in Japan compared to Germany. Japanese manufacturers have to adjust to local customs. On the other hand, Japan also broadens the horizon when it comes to product development. Designer Volker Busse from DIGI Deutschland , who gained experience for two-and-a-half years at the parent company in Tokyo and returned in 2009, experienced this. DIGI manufactures scales and packaging machines for the retail market and the food industry

Interview with Peter Prante, Managing Director mirontell fein & frisch AG, Teltow

Peter Prante was an executive chef in Berlin for 20 years, most recently at Hotel Kempinski, which also serviced the ICC (International Congress Centrum) and major events. During this management assignment, it became clear to him that it is far too expensive to make your own fruit salads and platters. In 2004, he founded the mirontell company as an outsourcing partner for large-scale consumers and retailers. Prante started with 40 kilograms of fruit per day and today processes up to 12.5 tons. In September, he will finish a new building that will quadruple capacity.