storetalk: e-commerce integration in Dynamics 365

On the EuroCIS 2019 MS POS introduces with storetalk a new kind of e-commerce integration for Dynamics 365, which supports e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Presta, allegro, ebay and Amazon.

The special feature of the new e-commerce integration development is that storetalk sends all relevant article and customer information to the aforementioned e-commerce platforms and processes the appropriately placed orders in dynamics 365 in such a way, that new customer accounts, orders and payment methods are created automatically and at the same time various Omnichannel scenarios are executed automatically. Thus, the orders accepted in e-commerce are also visible at the stationary cash registers almost online.

storetalk – all highlights at a glance:
storetalk supports not only dynamics 365, but also AX 2012 R3 and AX 7
storetalk is available as -on premise order- cloud version
storetalk is offline capable
storetalk is set up in a short time without having to interfere with the Dynamics 365 or 2012 code
storetalk can support multiple platforms in parallel


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