Dossier: Checkout and Payment

Overview: Dossier: Checkout and Payment

Modern Checkout Zone


The checkout decides how satisfied the customer is when he/she is leaving the store. Yet the checkout zone is still more of an impersonal handling zone in many stores and markets. This is why retailers need innovative concepts to set themselves apart from their competition and increase efficiency at the store.
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Mobile Payment - Cell Phone Instead of Cash


Mobile payment services offer the chance to make cashless payments in retail via Smartphone. Since these services promise a convenient and easy way to shop, their breakthrough has been predicted for some time now. This year is finally supposed to be the year: a nationwide introduction of mobile payment services is expected in 2013.
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Retail Vending Systems


Snacks at the railway station, passport photos at the airport or cigarettes around the corner – vending machines are in many locations. They offer their products around-the-clock and without the usual opening hours. Public vending, the sale of goods from publicly available vending machines is a market with a lot of potential.
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Weighing technology and food service – Weighing technology sector


Scales are slowly returning to the produce section. This speeds up the scanning process at the checkout. New scales with touch screen monitors and video recognition make it possible. Customers no longer have to type in the number on the price tag like in the old days or choose from several dozen keys.
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Innovations at the checkout counter


Cashless and also ever more often contactless payment with credit card or cell phone is on the rise. Nevertheless many customers still prefer to pay with bills and coins. The German Federal Reserve however has largely backed out from directly supplying cash to the retail market. That’s not the only reason small stores as well as large chain stores are highly interested in new choices that reduce costs in cash handling and at the same time increase safety.
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Contactless Payment


The EHI Technology Days in Cologne delivered a taste of the upcoming EuroCIS. One important topic is going to be cashless payment. For a long time, its share in German retail has stagnated at just over 40 percent. Now “mobile money” is hitting stores. But retailers are spoilt for choice: cards and cell phones with a wireless chip competing against cell phones that turn into wallets without a chip.
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News from the world of checkout counters


News from the world of checkout counters – that’s annually an important topic at the EuroCIS. What has emerged over the past few years will intensify in February: Next to handling cash, cashless payments more and more take center stage. In doing so, retailers don’t just pay attention to their hardware, but also to the equipment of their customers.
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