CRM - Customer care and Customer retention

CRM, Data Mining and discount systems - just a hype or important tool for costomer care and customer retention?
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Mom and pop knew every customer of their store personally. They knew which product suited which of their customers. Today, chain stores have pushed the small merchants aside, but they would like to know their customers as well as good old mom and pop did. Customer relationship management helps them with this.
Interview with Sylvia Detzel, Marketing Consultant and lecturer
The owner of the consulting firm Detzel Marketing lectures at the Dual University in Stuttgart on the subject of ”Data base systems, Analytical CRM and Data Mining.“ Is this hype or essential for business success? Where are the soft spots in companies, and what definitely needs to be done in customer relationship management? Sylvia Detzel delivers the answers in an interview with iXtenso.
Interview with Thomas Wanke, Managing Director Adler-Modemärkte
Whether it’s Payback, Ikea Family or Bahncard – there is no ideal customer card. A conclusion, Stiftung Warentest (the German equivalent of “Consumer Reports“) arrived at in August. They investigated how big the average financial benefit is and how customers can collect discounts or points. From a total of 25 providers, the testers liked the customer card of fashion chain store Adler best.