Sales analysis software

Yesterday’s sales data turns into tomorrow’s forecast

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Retailers don’t lack data. Somewhere there are answers for almost all questions. You just need to find them in data bases, directories and accounts, connect them and draw the correct conclusions from it. But this is much easier said than done. Business Intelligence, combined with prognosis software assists in this. The basis from which to start however is a functioning inventory management.

Interview with Rainer Gläß, CEO of GK Software AG

© GK Software
Rainer Gläß is the G in GK Software. Along with Stephan Kronmüller, presently Chief Technical Officer, he founded the company in 1990. Listed on the stock exchange since 2008, it took over Solquest in 2009. Today GK Software is a leading European developer of standard software for chain store companies. Among others, customers include Kaufhof, Douglas, Coop in Switzerland, X5 in Russia as well as the home furnishings retailer JYSK Nordic.

Interview with Udo Meyzis, CEO of SAF AG

The SAF AG from Tägerwilen by Lake Constance develops ordering and forecasting software for manufacturing and trade. The Swiss company pursues the approach of demand chain management. Here supply chain management is driven by the demand of the consumer. In our EuroCIS interview CEO Udo Meyzis explains how retail can already reach ROI after one year. However, the implementation means a significant change in many divisions of a company. Meyzis also talks about the experiences with the furniture discounter Roller and the Douglas perfumery chain.