Workforce Management Planning

A great work atmosphere makes for great employees

Employees are not machines; they are human beings with different needs. The cashier is grateful if she can switch her shift on short notice because of her child. It’s the same further up in the hierarchical ladder, when a young category manager has the feeling that “the people at the top“ evaluate his skills fairly. Both stay loyal to their company.

Interview with Dr. Kristine Heilmann, Managing Partner ITB Consulting, Bonn, Germany

In times of skills shortage, retailers should not just look in their own company for “high potentials“. “More than ever it is crucial to keep your eye on all employees, to discover their specific potential and to cultivate it – and don’t just view development in terms of a vertical career ladder.“ This is what personnel consultant Dr. Kristine Heilmann recommends in our EuroCIS interview. The psychologist with an MBA degree has worked for ITB Consulting in Bonn for the past 13 years.

Interview with Volker Dieckmann, Account Manager at Ethalon

Volker Dieckmann can name many advantages specialized workforce management software (PEP, short for Personaleinsatzplanung in German) offers large and also smaller retailers. Automated demand assessment thus reduces planning demands, decreases personnel expenditures and factors in employees' wishes. Another topic is E-learning: Dieckmann recommends short lessons combined with classroom instruction.