Big Data

Customer and market analysis brings success

Retailers need to really know their customers today in order to satisfy their whishes and requirements. It's really not all about offering the best price. To understand the customers, the collection and analysis of data is essential. When it comes to Big Data, online retailers have indeed an advantage since they automatically receive information during the buying process. But brick-and-mortar retailers can also gather important information, for example through loyalty programs and customer card schemes.

Addressing each customer individually

Benefits and risks of big data in retail

Picture: Big Data Cloud

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It wasn’t that long ago when a simple excel worksheet was enough to manage most of the accrued data in retail. Today, this is no longer the case. Customer loyalty programs, mobile apps, and online ordering data are just some of the data sources retailers can use today to gain new insights into nearly every aspect of their business. “Big data” is the big buzzword here.

"Data-driven companies are clearly more successful in eCommerce"

Interview with Alexander Reschke, CMO of Webdata Solutions

Picture: Alexander Reschke

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The eCommerce market is shaped in particular by its dynamics. Online retailers need to be able to respond quickly and remain flexible to changes in the market. In this interview, Webdata CMO Alexander Reschke explains how retailers can find their optimal strategy by utilizing big data and dynamic market research solutions.

“You should never collect data you would need to keep secret from the customer“

Interview with Axel Jahn, Managing Director of Netpioneer GmbH

Picture: Axel Jahn

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The increasing digitalization in retail helps retailers get to know their customers better. After all, the modern shopper leaves his/her data at every touchpoint – whether that’s in the online store, during mobile shopping or directly at the store by using loyalty programs. Axel Jahn, Managing Director of Netpioneer, develops custom eCommerce solutions for his customers. In this interview, he explains how retailers can use this data to their advantage.