Mobile Devices in Retail – Mobility Benefits Customers and Retailers

Digitalisation in Retail offers benefits not only to the customer

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Thanks to increasing digitalization and the rising expansion of smartphones and tablets, customers have new demands on retailer service. Sales assistants in the store however can also utilize mobile devices. By using them, they can get informed more quickly and efficiently, and therefore improve customer service and increase sales figures.

Bright prospects for mobile shoppers

Retailers need to optimize web contents for any mobile device

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More and more customers shop with their mobile phones. To optimally prepare for smartphone and tablet users, retailers do not just need a web-optimized online store. With the help of apps, search engine optimization and emails with responsive web design retailers can also literally get shoppers on the same page, their webpage.

Current Trends in Mobile Retail Solutions

Overview of the current generation of Mobile Devices and their advantages

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Retailers continue to increase their use of mobile devices. No wonder, since current software and hardware provides several advantages in process control and management of staff, inventory and stores. Within the scope of its current focal topic “Mobile Devices“, provides an overview of current solutions by various manufacturers.