The Road to Multichannel Commerce

Competent Employees Are Essential

© / Christos Georghiou
A good education is the foundation for a successful career in retail. Just like in other industry sectors, the options are becoming more varied. One thing to remember even after a successful career start is that only those who continue to educate themselves and remain up-to-date will be successful – especially due to the various changes in retail.

"Connecting both worlds without media breaks is key"

Interview with Eric Selzer, Sales Manager at Intelligix IT-Services GmbH

© Intelligix IT-Services GmbH
Meeting the needs of the modern customer is a challenge for many retailers. Today, many customers no longer think in terms of channels, in stark contrast to many (even big) players in the retail sector. This is why it is vitally important for retailers to sensibly connect the channels to provide customers with a truly seamless shopping experience. To do this, they need to optimize their processes and invest in a modern and powerful IT infrastructure.

"Retail currently needs employees who are able to add in-depth knowledge in the areas of online presence, eCommerce and online marketing"

Interview with Peter Stolpe, Akademie Handel e.V.

© Akademie Handel e.V.
With a new postgraduate program, the Akademie Handel (English: Retail Academy) in Munich trains retail employees to face the challenges of ecommerce. Peter Stolpe, Director of Retail Qualifications at the Akademie Handel, has designed the degree program and talks about the goals and contents of these studies in this interview.