Topics of EuroCIS 2015

Digital elements in the store, iBeacons and more groundbreaking products than ever: This and more will be presented at EuroCIS this year. And for a better overview visitors can take part in guided tours through the fair. Read more about the programm in our Topic.

Making sparks fly: iBeacons for the retail industry

EuroCIS uses iBeacons as a service for trade visitors

photo: Beacon tool

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Two years ago, Apple launched iBeacons. The tiny "light beacons" can provide a great added benefit for the retail industry, but only if retailers think long and hard about how much and especially what kind of information they would like to convey to the customer with the help of the transmitters.

Digitization as a Chance for retail

According to a recent study by the British Centre for Retail Research, last year the German’s spending per person on the Internet rose to over 1000 Euros. This puts Germany in second place following the United Kingdom and in front of France, Poland, Italy and Spain. For over-the-counter retailing, however, the sales forecasts for this year have declined by almost 2 percent. Even though this decline is significantly lower than the growth in online shopping, digitization is often blamed for the loss of retail businesses. However, as our segment will show, the advancing networking also results in possibilities for retailers.

"Creating in-store experiences with digital elements"

Interview with Franz Kendler, Umdasch Shopfitting

Photo: Franz Kendler

© Umdasch Shopfitting

Transparent screens, a virtual point of sale and software retailers can outfit their stores with: at EuroCIS 2015, Umdasch Shopfitting will deliver insights into modern, digital store construction. Before the trade fair, Franz Kendler, Director of Visionary Business (viBIZ), reveals more about the store of the future.

We want to introduce visitors to the most innovative products at EuroCIS“

Interview with Joachim Pinhammer, PlanetRetail GmbH

Picture: Joachim Pinhammer

© Planet Retail GmbH

For the first time, there will be guided tours for trade fair visitors at this year’s EuroCIS. The Planet Retail consulting firm is the organizer of these tours. Joachim Pinhammer, Research Director for Planet Retail and responsible for organizing the “Guided Innovation Tour“, explains the concept and gives a taste of what the trade fair participant can expect.

Multichannel Commerce: Retailers have to reorganise themselves

Interview with Dr. Bernhard Blüthner, Salt Solutions GmbH

© SALT Solutions GmbH
Established retailers have a tough time developing a suitable multichannel strategy. Mature organizational structures and IT environments that have stood the test of time often stand in the way today. speaks with Dr. Bernhard Blüthner, Managing Partner for SALT Solutions, about the need for companies to newly organize.