Dossier: Security

Overview: Dossier: Security

Aspects of security in retail


In this month's topic, deals with the different requirements of security in retail - read more in the new interviews on the topics of video surveillance, merchandise security and data security.
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Store Detectives in Retail


According to EHI Retail Institute, inventory differences in German retail still amount to a total of 3.8 billion euros per year. And according to a study supported by Checkpoint Systems, shoplifters have caused the German retailers a loss of 924.2 million euros during Christmas time in 2012 alone. Shoplifters steal merchandise, receive unwarranted refunds, swap price tags, pass counterfeit money and commit fraud in payment transactions and with credit cards. No retailer can afford to ignore these numbers. Modern safety features and equipment can help. However, most retailers still also rely on traditional store detectives.
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Security and Access Control


One important aspect of building security is access control. The job has many aspects. Single source solutions are in great demand. Every year, EuroCIS shows what this means: many exhibitors cooperate with other partners or increase their portfolio with their own means. Mechanical and electronic access controls grow together; software is becoming increasingly important in management and analysis. Local well-trained inspectors are also crucial.
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Theft and burglary protection


Banks have become more and more secure, so bank robberies pay off less and less. Criminals have their eyes on retail. Oftentimes, they wait for employees before a store opens or after it closes and force them to hand over all cash. Alternatively, criminals break in at night. What retailers can do to provide more security for their employees and customers is showcased every year at the EuroCIS trade show.
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Retail Security


Inventory differences – that’s what retailers call the loss of merchandise from its way from the storage facility to the cash register. The causes are varied, but the main problem is theft. Modern technology helps to deter thieves and identify delinquents. Although the number of reported crimes has decreased for many years, theft nonetheless puts a severe strain on retail’s financial bottom line.
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Shoplifting: Prevention pays off


There is no typical shoplifter – one acts from poverty, the other gets just a kick out of it. Hence there is no patent remedy for protection against theft. EuroCis shows why shoplifting is not a force of nature and why electronic article surveillance is a rewarding but complex task.
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Online Shops and Security


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Security in Fashion Retail


The topic of RFID is becoming more and more important for the entire retail sector – despite the fact that the debate about the use of this technology is still dominated by data protection concerns. Especially for the textile industry however, there are a whole number of advantages particularly for retailers, which cannot be ignored.
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